Kubernetes native
configuration management

Kustomize introduces a template-free way to customize application configuration that simplifies the use of off-the-shelf applications. Now, built into kubectl as apply -k.


Kustomize traverses a Kubernetes manifest to add, remove or update configuration options without forking. It is available both as a standalone binary and as a native feature of kubectl.

Purely declarative approach to configuration customization

Natively built into kubectl

Manage an arbitrary number of distinctly customized Kubernetes configurations

Available as a standalone binary for extension and integration into other services

Every artifact that kustomize uses is plain YAML and can be validated and processed as such

Kustomize encourages a fork/modify/rebase workflow

Meetup & Conference Talks

These presentations are from various Kustomize meetups and conferences.

Projects Integrating Kustomize

Since the introduction of Kustomize, several additional projects have emerged with deep Kustomize integrations:


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